Tim and Katie

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26 March marked the wedding of my sister in law. Of course a couple of official photographers were on board but that didn’t stop me wielding the camera like a crazy person.

By far my favourite picture of the day is this portrait of the Bride, caught unaware.

The Bride

I usually love the D300 for the colours it captures but most of my favourite pictures from the wedding I have desaturated, I think in this case it adds to the drama. Otherwise aren’t they just another set of wedding photos?

Tim and Katie

The Cake

The flowers

The bouquet

The flowers in colour, I love because the picture itself originally was very stark but in iPhoto 9 which I have just installed, you can alter the shadows to bring out some of the detail, with the result that the flowers are against a background that is no longer pitch black.


Charlie Brown

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I have this cousin who is so chic it hurts. She is maybe 15 years old, amazingly beautiful and she has a phenomenally quirky sense of style. Just the way she holds herself is so elegant.

And her hair! Charlotte was probably one of those kids who had to battle through all kinds of hell to keep her hair under control but now she has the most amazing, mesmerising hair that makes you stare at it, the same way you kind of stare in wonderment at a flames in the darkness.


A twist in the Tail

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My photographic friend Nick and I were dismayed to learn that a pretty f*ckin’ awesome photo of a wolf that won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award has been disqualified on the grounds that it is a fake.

Storybook Wolf

I just typed this:

Apparently, Jose Luis Rodriguez used a model wolf which, according to organisers, is just not OK. I was wondering why the wolf’s eyes didn’t clock the camera when the flash went off but if it is a model (“No Way!” says Jose) it’s pretty life like really. Enough to trick the organisers for quite some time, some might say.

WOAH! I so missed the point! They think it was an animal model. I guess like a wolf version of a supermodel as opposed to a lifeless doll. Can you see why I got confused?

If I flashed a bright light in a wolf’s eyes as it was jumping a fence, I’d be sure to have my running shoes on, I’ll tell you that for nothing.

Anyhoo. This is some pretty bad PR for Mr Rodriguez. Sorry dude, Fail.

Baby talk

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Recently, I’ve been trying (and failing) to convince the Husband that we should have a baby. Note: if anyone has been watching Glee, it means Once a Week people!! Anyway, this is largely in jest because neither of us are really in the right place for a baby and are unlikely to be for the next several years. Nonetheless, it is a pursuit that winds him up so I continue my campaign with renewed vigour every couple of weeks for my own amusement.

My new tactic is to have him spend time with the baby of friends of ours. We both spent several months with Caroline when we all lived in Kenya and have recently been seeing more of her and her new little family. The great thing about baby Evie is that, not only is she very pretty, she is a total daddy’s girl, has a remarkable temperament, sleeps through the night and rarely cries. I’m pretty sure Alex is starting to break now. When he was playing peek-a-boo with her, he was clearly getting really into it and she was all ‘Dude, when are you going to get bored of this game so I can go have my nap?’


Sights Unseen

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Blind and visually impaired people are being encouraged to take photos using sensory photography techniques! How awesome is this?!

Robbie Boyd in Richmond

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I did a little photoshoot in Richmond Park today for my friend’s brother who is an up and coming young musician in London Town. You can hear some of his music on his myspace page.

Robbie Boyd

 Richmond Park is one of my favourite places in London to take photos. The light is always spectacular no matter what season and today we were lucky enough that it was the first sunny day of 2010. The park was a little swampy after bucketloads of rain fell the day before (to the detriment of Robbie’s guitar case) but an impromptu concert for a couple of inquisitive kids and their parents lifted the mood!  






Friday fun

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On Fridays my camera makes its way into the office in preparation for my Friday afternoon photography class. Here are some portraits from this week: