About me

Simone Elviss

I’m armed with a Nikon D300, a Nikon 18-200mm lens and a Sb-900 Speedlight unit all generously lent to me by my *cough* husband *cough* (I’m still not used to saying that). A new addition to the photo family is a 50mm lens which I bought him largely to take portraits such as the shot on the left. 

I recently started an ‘Intro to Digital SLR photography’ course at the Putney School of Art and Design in London, which is helping me explore all the cool things the D300 can do – and encouraging me to turn all the dials and press all the buttons without fear, just to see what happens.

For the most part, the photos on here are posted without any photoshopping – so this is what the camera (and an amateur  intrepid photographer) can do.


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