iOmega – sad customer to happy customer

I know I usually post photos on here but it is intended to be ‘photography-related’ so I wanted to flag up iOmega, from whom I had purchased a 1TB hard drive for my growing collection of photos. I got the portable hard drive but since I bought it it stopped working, or at least my computer stopped recognising it. Reciept and guarantee in hand, we emailed the company and they sent through a new power supply. That still not working, they have agreed to replace it within a week. I think this is excellent customer service – with the exception, of course, of my photos being AWOL. I have most of the important ones backed up (naturally) but fingers crossed they will be able to get the data off it.  They have been very good so far, otherwise I won’t be able to regale you with more pictures of bunny rabbits.


~ by Simone Elviss on December 1, 2010.

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