le printemps

The cherry blossom was out last weekend and it was so so beautiful. It did really make London feel a little brighter  and the bone shattering chill of winter was finally over. I was convinced the blossom stuck around for a month or so, while the husband said it would only be there for a week. Alas there was little left this weekend so – for the first time in living memory – he may have been correct.

I took a series of three and want to display them as a series when I have enough wall space, but this is by far my favourite – experimenting with a shallow depth of field.

Cherry Blossom


~ by Simone Elviss on April 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “le printemps”

  1. Really lovely shot – cherry blossom always reminds me of Japan, the blossoming of the trees is always a major event over there.

  2. Thanks. It does make me feel really spring-ish. There was another really pretty tree right by my flat but by the time I remembered to get my camera (literally a few days later) it was all gone 😦 Would love to see some pictures of Japan if you have any

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