A twist in the Tail

My photographic friend Nick and I were dismayed to learn that a pretty f*ckin’ awesome photo of a wolf that won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award has been disqualified on the grounds that it is a fake.

Storybook Wolf

I just typed this:

Apparently, Jose Luis Rodriguez used a model wolf which, according to organisers, is just not OK. I was wondering why the wolf’s eyes didn’t clock the camera when the flash went off but if it is a model (“No Way!” says Jose) it’s pretty life like really. Enough to trick the organisers for quite some time, some might say.

WOAH! I so missed the point! They think it was an animal model. I guess like a wolf version of a supermodel as opposed to a lifeless doll. Can you see why I got confused?

If I flashed a bright light in a wolf’s eyes as it was jumping a fence, I’d be sure to have my running shoes on, I’ll tell you that for nothing.

Anyhoo. This is some pretty bad PR for Mr Rodriguez. Sorry dude, Fail.

~ by Simone Elviss on January 21, 2010.

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