Intro to the D300

I’ve been using the D300 for about a year now, and I had yet to take a look at the manual. So, after discovering where the unassuming tome lived (top shelf of book case, no wonder I hadn’t come across it) I picked it up and had a flick through. I got to page 40 before I fell asleep but didn’t learn much that I think will be of use in taking better photos. Although now I know where a couple more of the buttons live and how to change the settings. I still have no real idea of what those buttons do or what will happen if I change any of those settings.

So far, without any knowledge of photography, the camera has served well. I basically know how to change the white balance and to this point (although it’s a huge waste of the features), that’s been enough to allow me to eek out some good photos, particularly in sunny, natural light. I want to learn how to be more creative with the shots and lighting, and also how to take better low light shots without them being out of focus. The one downside of the camera is that it’s extremely heavy and I can’t really hold it still very well which isn’t great for taking good shots without the flash.

~ by Simone Elviss on December 8, 2009.

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